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How To Buy

Click Register to Bid.

Complete the form. Choose a username and password. Click Continue. On the next page, enter information about the financial institution you use. Click Submit. You will see a confirmation screen. You should receive an email indicating your registration has been submitted and then a second email once you've been approved to bid on auctions.

Register to Bid

Once you have registered, click Log In.

Enter your username and password. Click Log In.

Log In

Once you've located an item you're interested in purchasing, click Place A Proxy Bid.

You will see a page with additional photos and information. Enter the amount you want to bid in the Your Maximum Bid box. Click Submit Bid, then confirm your bid. If you are outbid, you’ll receive an email. If you’re the highest bidder after an auction ends, you’ll see a You Have Won The Auction banner on the auction listing page. Click the link for instructions. The seller will automatically be sent your contact information. You can contact the seller to complete the transaction.

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